The Final Retirement of Spi101

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I didn’t leave the Dark Warriors on a very good note, and I apologize. About days ago I was couped from the Dark Warriors for inactivity, and I thought I could help it but I couldn’t. After the coup, I promptly went on kik and decided that I would permanently retire from the legendary Dark Warriors. I was too inactive to lead and to do anything when I returned to DW. I promised a rise, but I figured that’d only happen if I let the younger people take care of Dark Warriors rather than have a long-time CP Army veteran lead it.

When I first lead Dark Warriors with Freezie66 in December 2013, I wanted to stay in the Dark Warriors and prove myself, because since day one I knew Dark Warriors was the only army that ever felt like home. Together – Me, Freezie66, Crazy186 and Pufpuf103 lead DW into what is known as the Spreezie Age. We grew DW and fought the ultimate enemy at the time, Elmikey & RPF. The two of us were the biggest armies and duked it out in the Christmas Chaos Tournament and lost, which shortly was named as the “Klondike Screwjob”.

And then came Elmikey into DW. I originally was against him when he first attempted to lead the Dark Warriors. He basically restructured the entire system of DW and changed how it operated. Before these events, the DW were known as an immature army. But after Elmikey joined, we became an army specifically friendly for new Club Penguin Players. With that mindset, I realized that his ideals were the key to opening the door for armies to prosper.

After these events, overtime – I realized that Elmikey was not actually what people rebranded him to be. He was actually reminding us that if we are Club Penguin Armies, then get Club Penguin Players to join, not idiotic trolls and washed up retirees. With this thinking I changed myself. I banned washed up retirees like Elmikey would, I banned the trolls – some of them being my friends, I banned many people who threatened to damage this kind of thinking, and it all payed off.

With that change and rewiring, with what I did above, I lead DW with this kind of mindset in September 2014. and it forever changed the way of how I lead in Armies. It paved the way for DW to ultimately crush two armies in the same month – them being Doritos of CP, under Mustapha10 and Andrew24 & Drew Crew, and Rebel Penguin Federation, under Freezie66 and Elmikey himself. We had Dark Warrior Sovereignty and stayed #1 in the Top Ten for the entire month. I & the other Leaders were proud.

Then came December 2014, the month into what is known as the Dragon Age. In these events, I explained to the DW kik about this kind of mindset and the secret of how DW could grow into something more. The Leaders understood it, and we orchestrated it, which resulted DW maxing 100+ against the Light Troops in the Christmas Chaos Finals. We were huge, massive. Due to our massive sizes we decided to name this era the Dragon Era, and I don’t think I should explain much more why.

With these two great era’s I’ve participated in, I am proud to be known as a significant DW Leader. None of this was all possible without you, the DW troops. I will admit it, When Elmikey stepped in to Dark Warriors, he – in a way – morphed me into a better Leader than before, indirectly. What is the lesson? What is the secret? What is the key to the locked door? It’s simple.

Your Troops matter more than washed up Retirees. You have to eliminate certain people in exchange for something greater in your army. You have to focus on bringing new people rather than letting old people remain in the army for a long period. This is why Spreezie lost against Elmikey – we cared about our “fun” rather than caring about the new people being recruited into our army. It’s all about YOUR NEW RECRUIT, not your FRIENDS or their influence, because their influence would contain the following things that are UNATTRACTIVE for new recruits: Cussing, drug-weed talk, insulting Club Penguin, rude comments, bullying, and the list could go on. THINK LIKE A RECRUIT.

Of course, not every army HAS to follow this Philosophy. They can choose to ignore it and lead their army the way they want, but that will NOT expand the Club Penguin Army Community. Instead, we will remain this way on what we think is the “Downfall” of CP armies.

In total, I have been in Club Penguin Armies for over 4+ years. I’ve led Dark Warriors for 6 months when I rejoined in September 2013. In total, I have served Dark Warriors for over 8 months and probably a year. I’ve definitely had fun being in DW, no doubt. Thank you to everyone that has supported me, thank you to everyone who were in the Dark Warriors under my leadership with other people. I couldn’t have asked for anything/anyone better. Though some people may not like me, that is fine. I only focused in doing my job, and I’ve done it. Oh, and no. I will not be returning to the Dark Warriors anymore, nor will I participate in any DW Affairs unless if It’s needed, majorly. You will never likely see me on xat, because I will only visit in DW’s Annual Birthday.


To conclude my retirement post, I’ll give a few mentions, and I’m only mentioning those that gave great impact to my career over the years in the game of Club Penguin Armies.

Freezie66: You’re a great guy. I never wanted to cut ties with you, all I wanted from you is to pay attention to the newer people. I will always cherish the days of Spreezie. We are Brothers in a way. I will never likely see you anymore, but if you do somehow read this, yeah – you’re the first one to be mentioned.

Xxtoysoldier: I’m glad I got to know you. You are clearly one of the best Leaders I have ever worked with, and obviously a great friend, One of the best. I wish you luck in whatever you plan to do.

Drake: Similar to Toy, another one of the best Leaders and a great friend. You influenced me to keep leading DW after the incident with SaW. It’s unfortunate that you left, but I too wish you luck in whatever you plan to do. It was fun leading with you in DW & in the Dragon Age.

Pufpuf103: Clearly, you are one of the most loyal Dark Warrior DW could have asked for. I’m glad you sticked with us in September and December 2014, we together spearheaded great era’s, crushed all of our enemies with Toy, Drake, Silverburg, etc. Some say you lost your magic, but in my eyes, you’ve always kept it in your leadership terms.

Elmikey: We’ve had a very, very, very bad start. When I first saw you, the community had influenced me to think you are the bad guy. The truth is, you are not. You opened my eyes and indirectly changed the way I lead in CP armies, and for that – ironically – I thank you. Your way of Leading needs to be spread out in order to create a growing community.

Ghost: You are definitely a great guy and fresh new blood. I am glad I was able to recruit you into the Dark Warriors and promote you to be a Leader, and I’m sure you cherish that. You might be disappointed in me for my great inactivity, and I wish I could make it up, but thank you for staying in DW, for joining our great family.

Silverburg: At first, I thought you were Elmikey’s pet, but overtime I realized you were just doing your job. Thanks for coming over to DW to join the family, and prosper with us. You’re one of my greatest friends, you & I both had the same mind when leading DW. Happy trails to whatever you do in life.

DW: You guys are the greatest army, and nothing will change or taint that. DW is family. This army was the only army that fell under the category of “fun”, It’s not like any other army. Thank you for letting me lead you, It was a great honor and privilege. DW Forever

For the last time, I salute you all – even to my enemies. It’s been a long journey, very long. 🙂

DECEMBER 2010 – MARCH 2015

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